Introduction to CO2 GRO Products and Services

CO2 GRO offers several unique irrigation solutions that are efficient, practical, affordable and most importantly drive more dollars to the growers’ bottom line. Whether propagating plant or growing microgreens, vegetables, flowers, cannabis or hemp, indoors or outdoors, we have a CO2 Foliar Spray solution for you.

Our CO2 Foliar Spray automatic, remote controlled systems easily retrofit into existing irrigation architecture or into green field applications. CO2 Foliar Spray is proven to increase plant growth and reduce pathogens.

Review the documentation and contact us for an onsite meeting and a quotation for your needs to bring a new level of profitability to your greenhouse or outdoor grow application.

Plant Growth Studies

Academic and commercial trails of the CO2 Foliar Technology have returned consistent impressive results. Grow trial studies provide an opportunity to evaluate and optimize site-specific CO2 Foliar Spray performance variables in a controlled setting.  To review information on the trial results please click on the dialogue boxes below to learn more.

Request a Grow Site Evaluation

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