Investor Information

    • Leadership

    John Archibald P. Eng. – President & CEO

    John has over 35 years' experience managing the full spectrum of engineering projects from demonstration to large scale installations in North America and overseas. John along with his partners successfully built and sold their own company which deployed gas infusion technology in numerous industries.


    Aaron Archibald– VP Sales and Strategic Partnerships

    A successful businessman and entrepreneur, for the last 17 years Aaron has headed teams that successfully commercialized gas-to-liquid mixing technologies globally in various industries including groundwater remediation, wellness, aquaculture and beverages. Aaron along with his partners successfully built and sold their own company which deployed gas infusion technology in numerous industries. It was that company that initially licensed the CO2 infusion technology to CO2GRO Inc.


    Stephen Gledhill CPA, CMA – CFO

    Stephen is a seasoned Chief Financial Officer with a number of publicly traded companies. Stephen brings valuable accounting, regulatory and exchange related expertise to our team.


    Sam Kanes, CPA, CFA – VP Market Research, Director

    From 1987 to 2011, Sam was Scotia Capital’s Managing Director of Equity Research for fertilizer, chemical, biofuel, and energy infrastructure companies. Before Scotia Capital, Sam gained a wide range of corporate financial experience with Northern Telecom, Gulf Canada and Petro-Canada. He has also worked as an independent energy consultant, primarily for Ultramar Canada. Sam is a member of both the Audit and Compensation committees, as well as a Board, Audit, and Investment Committee member of BioIndustrial Innovations Canada.


    Michael Boyd, MBA – Chair, Chair Audit Committee and Independent Director

    Mike is a seasoned investment management executive with experience managing venture capital, private equity and high yield debt securities. His experience includes companies at all stages of development from start-ups to mature buyout situations. Mike has a background in strategic management, board processes and governance having experience on many boards, as chair of the audit, compensation or governance committees.


    Rose Marie Gage – Chartered Director, Chair of ESG Committee and Independent Director

    In April 2019, Rose joined GROW and is an Independent Director (ID) and Governance Chair. She also serves as ID: HEXO Corp; Vice Chair: Agricultural Institute of Ontario (ARIO); ID and Chair, People & Compensation: Link Energy; and Chair: Ontario Agri-Food Technologies (OAFT). Rose has 20+ years of Board service including: Agri-Tech Commercialization Centre, Hadrian Inc. and Women in Leadership. Ms. Gage is a retired CEO of Ag Energy and holds a Chartered Director designation, Hons. Bach. of Commerce, McMaster University, and received Exec. Education from Rotman and Harvard. In 2018 she was awarded the Director’s College Outstanding Governance Award.


    Dr. Gord Surgeoner – Independent Director

    After attaining his PHD in 1976, Gord became an esteemed professor at the University of Guelph in Environmental Biology and Plant Agriculture until 2004. From 1999 to 2014 Gord was the President of the Ontario Agri-Food Technologies (OAFT). He continues to work on sustainability initiatives on Boards such as Agriculture Research Institute of Ontario and the Advisory Board Bio-Products Research and development Centre. Currently Gord is a Director of Performance Plants and the Grand River Agriculture Society. In 2014 he was elected to Ontario the Ontario Agriculture Hall of Fame and has received the Legacy and Leadership Award World Congress Industrial Biotechnology. He was also inducted into the Order of Ontario.


    Thomas Wiltrout – Independent Director

    Leadership, Ospraie Ag Science LLC, Past Strategic Leader Global Seed Development for Dow AgroSciences LLC, on the Board of Directors of Agriculture Alumni See improvement Association Inc., Innovative Seeds Solutions, LLC, and Remington Holding, LLC.




    • Environmental, Social and Governance

    CO2 GRO Inc. Executive Summary ESG Report 2022.

    CO2 GRO Inc. ESG Report 2022.

    CO2 GRO’s Environment, Social and Governance (“ESG”) practices are a Sustainability Platform with a People, Planet and Profits focus. CO2 GRO addresses ESG as a strategic element of value creation and sustainability in our Corporate Value Proposition, now and in the future. We are committed to promoting and maintaining diversity, equality and inclusiveness in our workplace as well as a safe and healthy workplace.


    CO2 GRO is committed to ensuring our technology enhances global protected ag food production by up to 30%. Where current vegetable or fruit production is limited, CO2 GRO’s CO2 Delivery Solutions™ technology can increase yields and CO2 GRO's Pathogen Perimeter Protection™ suppresses the development of micro-pathogens reducing crop spoilage and waste.


    CO2 Delivery Solutions™ can support agri-land use optimization, food growth for the under-served and economically challenged population. CO2 GRO’s CO2 Delivery Solutions™ technology is an agri-solution and a social-solution by minimizing the loss of nutrients during packaging, transportation and retail shelf life enhancing food benefits for all and supports the fight against malnourishment. Shortening food supply chain length helps overall food quality (maintain or enhance) reducing economic losses due to spoilage.


    In 2019 global greenhouse emissions were 52.5GtCO2eq (~ 73% from fossil CO2).Worldwide, 15% of the 50 billion sq. ft. of greenhouses (7.5b sq. ft.) employ atmospheric CO2 enrichment, venting CO2 gas to the atmosphere. CO2 GRO can help reduce greenhouse GHG emission by reducing greenhouse CO2 use by up to 90% and promoting CO2 uptake by plants up to 90%. CO2 GRO is committed to facilitating agr-efficient greenhouse production by helping to solve the Net Zero challenge. Through promoting and supporting local food production CO2 GRO can help improve food security by increasing food production closer to communities. Locally grown food minimizes GHG emissions by eliminating long distance supply chains and minimizing food waste reducing GHG and methane emissions from landfills.


    CO2 GRO’s Executive and the Board are committed to diversity and inclusion in its role in delivering enhanced shareholder value, short and long term. In addition, the Executive and Board is also committed to transparency and prudent management of the corporation as the Company grows.


    Studies have shown that organizations with diverse management, Board composition and employees collectively deliver better performance generating enhanced shareholder value in the long term. Purposeful companies, with better environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices have out-performed their peers.


    Companies with strong ESG practices outperform their peers