CO2 GRO Inc. (GROW.TSXV, OTCQB BLONF, Frankfurt 4021) - Revolutionizing Plant Growth


Intellectual Property (IP) - We are currently working with St. Cloud State University on further plant research supporting our growing plant portfolio to protect our dominant market position. We have five pending PCT patents for method of use, pathogen suppression, plant metabolism optimization, drone delivery and for a dissolved CO2 hand held device and a provisional PCT for other dissolved CO2 benefits. All patentable IP from University research, grower CO2 trials and commercial installations are owned by CO2 GRO. With certain Agri-industrial partners, we collaborate and share developing IP integrating our CO2 Delivery Solutions™ into their particular applications. We continuously look to strengthen our patent portfolio as our experience optimizing our CO2 Delivery Solutions™.

GROW Team - Our experienced management, board and representative team of engineering, horticultural, academic, operational and financial professionals share the common goal of building a world class precision agricultural cleantech company following ESG principles to maximize shareholder value. We are constantly looking to strengthen our team and our Agri-industrial relationships.