CO2 GRO Inc. (GROW.TSXV) - Revolutionizing Plant Growth.


Intellectual Property (IP) - We are currently working with US based St. Cloud State University on plant research, lettuce and pepper CO2 grow trials, and nutritional plant analysis, Canadian and US plant growers, and our first Agri-industrial partner. All patentable IP is owned by us from University research and grower CO2 trials and commercial installations. With Agri-industrial partners, we will collaborate and share developing IP integrating our CO2 grow foliar spray technologies into their particular applications. We expect to continuously strengthen our patent portfolio as our experience optimizing our CO2 technologies for maximum plant yields continues to evolve, expand and gets more optimized for maximum grower value. 

GROW Team - Our experienced management, board, science advisors, and representative team of engineering, horticultural, academic, operational, and financial professionals share the common goal of building a world class company maximizing shareholder value. We are constantly looking to strengthen our team and our Agri-industrial relationships.