CO2 GRO Inc. (GROW.TSXV, OTCQB BLONF, Frankfurt 4021) - Revolutionizing Plant Growth


Intellectual Property (IP) - We have a PCT Patent Pending and four additional patents pending (utility) encompassing drone delivery, pathogen resistance, plant metabolites, and plant growth. In addition, we have one pending device patent for a hand held spray applicator for the retail market. All patentable IP from University research, grower CO2 trials and commercial installations are owned by CO2 GRO. With certain Agri-industrial partners, we collaborate and share developing IP integrating our CO2 Delivery Solutions™ into their particular applications. We continuously look to strengthen our patent portfolio as our experience optimizing our CO2 Delivery Solutions™.

GROW Team - Our experienced management, board and representative team of engineering, horticultural, operational and financial professionals share the common goal of building a world class precision agricultural cleantech company following ESG principles to maximize shareholder value. We are constantly looking to strengthen our team and our Agri-industrial relationships.