CO2 GRO Inc. – Revolutionizing Plant Growth

CO2 GRO Inc. (TSX-V: GROW, OTCQB: BLONF, Frankfurt: 4021) is dedicated to increasing the growth and value of all indoor plants using our advanced CO2 Delivery Solutions™ safely, naturally, sustainably and economically. Our CO2 Delivery Solutions™ is proven to provide the same value increase of up to 30%, comprised of larger plant biomass and faster grow time that CO2 gassing can potentially provide at optimal CO2 concentrations but with 95% less CO2 use. CO2 Delivery Solutions™ saturated CO2 misting also provides significant pathogen resistance that CO2 gassing does not. Our CO2 Delivery Solutions™ operates very efficiently in the 85% of greenhouses worldwide that cannot CO2 gas and 100% of the global open side agricultural facilities.

Our CO2 Delivery Solutions™ are commercial, proven and scalable. We have automated commercial feasibilities underway in three Provinces, five US States, and in five countries in Cannabis, hemp, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, kale, strawberries and roses.

Our worldwide license to saturate water with dissolved CO2 gas for enhancing plant growth is bolstered by five additional global PCT pending patents for delivery of CO2 saturated mist onto plants and enhancing plant pathogen resistance.


  • Leadership

    Our experienced Management Team, Board, and Representatives bring all the necessary skill sets to successfully grow the company.

  • technology

    CO2 GRO Inc. is dedicated to utilizing its Advanced CO2 Patented Technologies to accelerate the growth of All value plants.

  • Investors

    "GROW" with us. The company is dedicated to maximizing investor and plant yields.