CO2 GRO Inc. (GROW.TSXV) is dedicated to increasing the growth of all value plants using our advanced technologies. We assist all growers indoors and outdoors around the globe to maximize their yields in a safe, sustainable, and natural way.

We own a worldwide license to saturate water with CO2 for the growth of all plants; and a CO2 foliar spray PCT pending patent to apply CO2 saturated water onto plants for accelerated growth. As we work with our research, grower and agri-industrial partners, we will continue to strengthen our patent portfolio. The technology is developed, commercially proven, and scalable. We continue working with our partners performing growth trials for various species and growing conditions. The technology is applicable in both greenhouse and open settings.

Our experienced management, board, and representative team of engineering, horticultural, academic, operational, and financial professionals share the common goal of building a world class company maximizing shareholder value.